Global Ministers’ Connect (GMC) – It is a Mentoring and Grace Impartation Network, with the following mandate;

  1. Mentoring Young Ministers unto Maturity and ministry effectiveness teaching and training on major aspects of Ministry.
  2. Providing a Hand of Fellowship for Ministers in their Kingdom Assignments; and
  3. Building and Sustaining Bond-Relationship towards Kingdom Advancements.

Intercede Nigeria (IN) -  A Nigeria Prayer Project –

  1. Raising a New Generation of National Intercessors
  2. Networking with Renown National Intercessors for the Nation
  3. Instill Fresh hunger so men and women will rise with passion to pray   out God’s Prophetic program for Nigeria, notably in the Spiritual and Political Spheres.

Divine Healing Clinic (DHC) – A Platform for Bringing the Healing Power of God to His People.

  1. Teaching in all ramifications on Divine Healing
  2. Administering Healing through the Laying on of Hands
  3. Raising Healing Technicians with a Mandate to replicate the Healing Power of God in a richer, fuller and more extensive measure.

Freshword Meditations: A Daily Devotional Guide to Spiritual Growth and Maturity. With rich and unique brand, Freshword Meditations is fast becoming one of the most desired devotional. Its monthly topical focus has been helpful as devotees are provided monthly areas of focus to help build their faith unto maturity. It is handy, plain and person focus. You will be glad to enlist Freshword Meditations as one of your guides as you grow unto maturity to the glory and praise of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Freshword Radio – Taking Out the Teaching Contents through Live Radio Broadcast. Current Stations include Kapital 92.9, Abuja. Time:6.30 – 7pm Every Wednesday.

  1. To  take the rich devotional contents to a wide audience through the most innovative way and means
  2. To broaden the spectrum and receptivity of the Meditations through appropriate/adequate consultations and feedback